All Writer Resources

What is All Writer Resources?

The name pretty much explains what this site is all about, but the real reason it’s here is because there was a huge void when it came to find writing resources, especially with the self-publishing explosion.

I can just use a search engine to find what I need, right?

Sure, there are plenty of places to find what you need, but think about just how big the Internet is today. So how do most writers find resources?  

  • Email friends – This gives you access only to the resources they know about.
  • Ask on group loops – A bit better, because now you’ll find a little more, but only what the writers on that particular loop have used, and only the resources they needed.
  • Search the Internet – Absolutely a great tool, but not all good resource providers will show up on the first, or even the second page, which leaves you with the same names you probably can find with your friends or on a loop. Plus, some don’t even have websites, but they do have expertise.
  • At this point, most writers quit searching. They take the names they can find and work with those until they need something else, then they go back to the top and work through this exercise all over again.

How does AWR benefit me?

A writer’s time is best spent writing. Effort spent just finding contact information for a resource is costing a writer time that he or she will never get back. Yes, you do have to put time into building your business, but it’s all about being as efficient as possible.  

What’s the plan?

Glad you asked. At AWR, we have hundreds of resources--like cover designers, content editors, proofreaders, publicists, and more--already listed, but that’s just the beginning.   Over the next year, we’ll sign up many more and expand to new categories, plus our Premier Workshop program will launch in January 2015. To answer your question – the AWR plan is to make every writer’s life easier by bringing all these resources to one place.

Where can I find out more on becoming a member as a Writer or a Service Provider?

Membership is free and easy… just click the button.