All Writer Resources


How much does it cost to be a member of All Writer Resources?

NOT A CENT for Writers or Service Providers!!! Any Service Provider who wishes to offer their writing service is allowed a free listing. Writers only pay for services. There is no cost for becoming a member.


Does a service listing on this site mean an endorsement?

No. The purpose of this site is to bring ALL writer resources into one spot to save writers from searching hundreds of places to find options. It is always up to the writer to research a service. We do ask members to immediately report a listing where a service provider is behaving inappropriately or making illegal transactions. You can report it immediately by clicking here.

Why don’t all listings have a review feature?

Only Service Providers who purchase very reasonable listings (starting at $5) have the option of being reviewed.


How do I sign up my service listing so that it can be reviewed?

All Service Providers are given one free listing. The review option comes with additional exposure through paid listings. Service Providers have two choices: The Gold package, which includes a Premium location in bold with a brief description for only $5 a month. Or a Platinum Package, which includes a “badge with an image” (see Author Labs under Websites for an example) on the priority category page and links to a “full display page,” plus 4 premium locations on additional category pages - all for only $25 a month. Gold and Platinum Packages always include review options.


If I have multiple listings, do I have to use my Business Name in all of them?

No, you have many options. The BUSINESS NAME that you register with is used to identify all listings associated with your account and will be visible on reviews posted about your services. But you can identify each Listing any way you’d like. Example: If AB Company is the Business Name of your account and you wish to place a listing under EDITORS, you could use AB Company for the listing name or you could use something like “Editing Made Easy!”)


When will the workshops be available?

AWR’s Premier Workshop program will launch in early 2015 (scheduled for January). Members will have both first choice to sign up and reduced rates. Being a member of AWR means you’ll not only be notified first of any workshop specials, be also be eligible for free workshops not offered to the public.


Are there any international service providers listed on AWR?

Yes! You’ll find Service Provider listings for the UK, Australia and other countries. The great benefit of the Internet is being able to find expertise and talent anywhere that someone is online.


I’m an author with books targeting writers. How can I promote to writers on AWR if I don’t offer a monthly service?

We are taking applications for workshop instructors. We’ll have different levels of programs – from New writers to Experienced writers to Multi-published writers as well as Special Guest Speakers – so that there will be something for everyone. We’ll also offer promotional programs throughout the year. To submit an application to be an All Writer Workshops Instructor, please go here.


How does the review process work?

It’s very simple. Once you click on the review icon beneath a listing, just follow the instructions. Note that negative feedback on a Service Provider goes through a review process before posting to allow a Service Provider the chance to resolve an issue and possibly retain a customer. Every business has bumps and any good business person wants an opportunity to make amends if there is a problem. If the AWR member and Service Provider fail to resolve their issue by 90 days, the negative review will go live. Or if at any time the AWR member feels the issue is resolved and/or they’ve been appeased, the member can simply change their review and publish immediately.